"I've been working with Mahli for about 3 months and have completely changed my body type and fitness level. Mahli initially helped me lose a significant amount of weight and now we are working on improving my strength and all over fitness. His programs are always interesting, challenging and varied. He also listens to his clients and will always adapt to his clients' shifting need and priorities. He's a professional trainer in every sense, always punctual, polite and good fun to train with"

16 weeks transformation

(20kg lost)


"I signed up for the 10 sessions for £99 offer, it was amazing, I run a lot but needed to do something else to build some strength up, and Mahli designed me a specific program to help with that, every session was a challenge which I wanted so I was working hard, which involved interval training, circuit training, and weight training.
After the 5 weeks, I noticed such a difference and Mahli also gave me dietary advice and tips along the way. He really motivated me on each session and encouraged me when I was feeling like I had no more energy


Since the PT sessions I have also signed up for Mahli’s Bootcamp and in the new year intend to sign up for others he will be doing.
Thank you šŸ˜€"


"Mahli has loads of energy to keep you motivated!!! however i started training with him when i was really unfit due to an auto immune disease. he was incredibly informed with regards to taking things slow and bit by bit i really got my fitness back. he made sure at all times i was safe with regards to weights and positioning as he knows a lot about the physiology of both muscles and body. i would not hesitate in recommending Mahli"


"Mahli was great and really helped me get motivated back into the gym again! Fantastic knowledge - highly recommend"


"One of the best Personal Trainers I’ve had. Knows how to find that inner strength we all have, but don’t use & makes it fun too. šŸ‹šŸ¼‍ā™‚ļø"


"Loved training with Mahli, full of energy and keeps you really focused! Highly recommend him :)"

Brighton, Portslade