About me

mahli macwana

I grew up in Brighton and studied Fitness instruction, Health & Nutrition at Varndean college, Shortly after that, I qualified as a Personal trainer and started running my own business out of Portslade Sports Centre.


 I love watching clients progress and succeed past goals they previously thought were impossible. With the combination of my dietary knowledge, my diverse and exciting sessions we can transform your life. 

Exercise Referral

​This allows me to work with clients who have been referred by their GP or physiotherapist to exercise. If you think you may be able to get referred then speak to your GP.

Kettlebell training

kettlebells are cast iron balls with a handle on them and training with them can help improve balance, power and building muscle.

Circuit training

Circuit training is where you have multiple stations with different exercises in which you move from one station to another. This is a great way of burning calories in a short time period.

Adolescents training

This allows me to work with adolescents ages 11-18, When this age your body is still growing and you must take care when partaking in exercise as some forms of training can stunt growth.

Indoor Cycling

This allows me to lead spin classes, spin is a great way to improve cardiovascular fitness, muscular fitness and reduce stress levels. 

First aid at work

Although I hope i never have to use any first aid on any of my clients its definitely nice to know your in safe hands.

Brighton, Portslade